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Boundaries and rights of way

Boundaries disputes and adverse possession

Topics covered include:
  • Analysing boundary issues
  • Plans and deeds - "for purposes of identification only"
  • General boundaries rule
  • Extrinsic evidence
  • Using surveyors and aerial photography
  • Estoppel and boundary agreements Joyce v Rigolli
  • Adverse possession: Pye v Graham (HL) and subsequent cases
  • Acknowledging title.
  • Adverse possession and the Land Registration Act 2002
  • Land Registration applications
  • Adjudication or court procedure
  • Remedies - injunction or damages in lieu?
This is a detailed course taking a practical look at boundary disputes. It is suitable for property lawyers involved with boundary issues, litigators, surveyors and local authority boundary enforcement officers.

Course leader: Gary Webber
3 hours CPD

Rights of way, parking, driveways and verges

This course has two objectives: (i) to deal with some common problems that frequently arise and (ii) to update delegates on recent developments in this area of the law. In particular it covers the situation where a land owner wants to develop a site, eg replacing one house with a number of houses, and thus wants to increase the use of the right of way. Can he do it?

Topics covered include:
  • Changing the purpose for which the right of way is used.
  • Increasing the use of the right of way
  • Repair
  • Parking rights - can they exist as easements? If so, when?
  • Getting over verges
  • Abandoning the right of way
  • Relationship with adverse possession
  • Easement or licence?
  • Implied easements - s62
  • Prescription
  • Obstruction of the right of way
  • Easements and the Land Registration Act 2002.
The course is suitable for property lawyers and litigators.

Level: Intermediate and advanced

Course leader: Gary Webber
2 hours CPD

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