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In-house courses

From this page you can find out details of courses provided by Gary Webber, Peter Reekie, Peta Dollar and Sarah Thompson-Copsey. These can be presented either in-house or at local Law Society, RICS meetings etc. The courses can all be adapted, both in content and length. (They are not run on an individual teaching basis).

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For further details and costs contact Gary Webber, Peter Reekie, Peta Dollar or Sarah Thompson-Copsey as appropriate.

Comments from course feedback forms:
    "Excellent range of subjects. Clear, interesting, zooms in and out of the material. Great range of narrative, slides and well structured."

    "Very useful in dealing with cases which come along regularly."

    "A good presenter because he was not restricted to the podium and used the whiteboard as he spoke as opposed to clicking away with the power point".

    "The case studies that were used were very helpful and made it interesting."

    "Very practical and relevant to my practice."

    "Excellent as always."

    "Very well presented and stayed awake after lunch!"

    "Surprisingly enjoyable!"