Residential landlord and tenant

The sites in this section are mainly intended for non-lawyers - landlords, tenants and letting agents. However, they contain links to relevant pieces of legislation, forms etc. and other bits of helpful information to lawyers.

There is also a specialist site for professionals dealing with social housing law.


Landlord Law Online

Landlord Law is the trading name for the online service provided by TJ Shepperson Solicitors. It a subscription service for landlords, agents, tenants, housing advisors and solicitors but there are some elements of the site that are available for free. There is also a large selection of helpful articles, FAQ, tips and the like. To access the site click here.



The Letlink website (the Letting Centre) is an online service for the private residential letting sector. It provides helpful information, lists local letting agents for landlords or tenants, and also offers advice for people relocating to the UK. To access the site click here.



LandlordZONE is a portal web site for landlords involved in letting property. It includes a forum, news, and blogs. It also provides information and publicises resources available to landlords, tenants, letting agents, property managers and other property professionals. To access the site click here.


Social Housing Law Association

The Social Housing Law Association ('SHLA') is an organisation of social housing professionals and their lawyers. Its aims include: to further the interests of social landlords, to provide a forum where its members can exchange and discuss ideas and information and to assist in the development and training of its members. To access the site click here.


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