The December 2019 update is now available.

Topics this month:

  • Easements: Right of way – parking – loading and unloading.
  • Landlord and tenant general: Consent in leases – reasonableness; Equitable relief from forfeiture – licence and possessory rights; Company Voluntary Arrangement – impact on terms of lease; Relief from forfeiture – rent – time limit.
  • Long Leases: Service Charges - construction of a lease - liquidation of management company; Collective Enfranchisement – initial notices – was a flat a dwelling; Service Charges – heating systems on adjoining estates.
  • Planning: Inspector – assumptions; CIL - surcharge; CIL – Liability Notice; Outbuilding – Permitted Development; Solar Panels – material consideration
  • Property Transactions: Sale of land – fixtures - fish stocks – solar panels; Sale contract - s2 Law of Property (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1989 – email signatures; Conditional sale contract - contract variations and jurisdiction of expert
  • Public access: Definitive maps and statements – sufficiency of evidence for order adding rights of way
  • Residential Tenancies: Electrical Regulations – Commencement Order
  • Solicitors Practice Points: SRA Standards and Regulations; Land Registry Practice
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