Topics this month:

  • Business Lease Renewal: Lease renewal terms – electronic communications site
  • Landlord and tenant (General): Commercial landlord and tenant - Declaratory relief regarding insurance provisions; Breach of Covenant - obligations to remove asbestos as part of yielding up in good condition; Mixed-Use Premises - relief from forfeiture after delay.
  • Mortgages:  Mortgaged property - compulsory purchase – determination of compensation payable; Disclosure – DSARs – Securitisation – Totally without merit applications.
  • Planning: Summary of confirmed and proposed changes to Permitted Development Rights; Planning Conditions – Lawfulness; Development Plan – Dwellings - Use Classes
  • Property Litigation: Civil Procedure - amending statement of case - severe delay; Costs in cases of partial success - principles relating to costs where the overall winner of a claim had failed on a number of issues; Commercial Landlord and Tenant - Damages for unlawful eviction of a commercial tenant
  • Property Transactions: Contract – termination - stage payments – time of the essence
  • Restrictive Covenants:  Discharge or modification – outlook – practical benefit of substantial advantage.
  • Solicitors Practice Points: Land Registry cancellation of applications - Update to Land Registry Practice Guide 67a - Anticipated Land Registry guidance on Electronic Signatures not requiring a witness - Conveyancing Standards Bill - Proposal to require mandatory disclosure of referral fees paid to estate agents.
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