Topics this month:

  • Easements: Express right of way -  meaning of grant and use by “private motor vehicles”
  • Landlord & Tenant (General): Forfeiture - Waiver of right to forfeit

  • Long Leases: Right to Manage - Appointment of a Manager; Right to Manage – Shared Ownership

  • Mortgages: Validity of legal charge - summary judgment – practice and procedure – necessary parties

  • Planning: Certificate of lawful use or development – ancillary use

  • Restrictive Covenants: Discharge under s.84(1) (aa) Law of Property Act 1925

  • Solicitors Practice Points: Land Registry guidance expediting applications; Land Registry Practice Guide 78: Fire Safety Bill 2020

The next update will be in the middle of April.

Gary Webber

12 March 2020

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