Property Mediation



For mediation services in relation to property disputes go to The Property Mediators, specialists in Property Mediation.

Gary Webber, the General Editor of Property Law UK is a founder member of The Property Mediators. His personal mediator profile is here.

Mediation is ideal for property disputes and is available in a wide range of situations:

  • Commercial landlord and tenant
  • Neighbours, boundaries and easements
  • Residential leases and tenancies
  • Land / Real Property disputes
  • Vendor and purchaser disputes
  • Inheritance and administration of estates
  • Professional liability and insurance
  • Co-ownership and family disputes

It can also be used to facilitate property transactions, where there is no existing dispute but the parties want third party neutral assistance to complete the deal.

Further details of all these areas can be found on The Property Mediators website.


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