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Co-ownership and Estoppel

This section of the site deals with various matters concerned with co-ownership and estoppel.

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Quistclose trust

Property given for a specific purpose Purpose fails Huseyin Ali v Dinc [2020] EWHC 3055 (Ch) Summary The court held that the arrangement between Claimant (-C-) and the first defendant (-D1-) was sufficient to constitute a Quistclose trust. A Quistclose trust occurs...

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Assurance and reliance – Thorner

Nature of assurance and reliance Thorner v Major [2009] UKHL 18 Summary In this claim by a nephew in respect of his uncle's estate the nephew has established that he was entitled to his uncle's farm on the basis of a proprietary estoppel. Basic facts The claim was...

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Yeomans Row v Cobbe

Property joint ventures gone wrong! Introduction In good times when it seems that there is money to be made business men and women will often rush into actions they sometimes later regret. A classic situation is where an informal deal is made in relation to a...

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Orders for sale

Topics covered on this page are: The court's powers when ordering a sale to give one of the beneficiaries an opportunity to purchase. The position on bankruptcy including where there are children involved. Excluding benefiaries under s13 and so effectively...

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Laches and estoppel

Patel v Shah [2005] EWCA Civ 157 Facts A joint venture to purchase properties went wrong when the market fell in the 1990s. The joint venture gave rise to a resulting trust under which the various parties had an equitable interest in the properties. When things went...

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Satisfying the equity

Basic principle Jennings v Rice [2002] EWCA 159 Facts C worked for many years for an elderly lady for nothing on a promise that "he would be alright" and "this will all be yours one day". On the full facts the judge found that there was an estoppel and awarded him...

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