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Landlord and tenant (general)


This section contains material on a number of different landlord and tenant matters. The topics covered can be seen in the contents box on the left. There are also separate specialist landlord and tenant sections in the Update Library on:

Commercial Leases – Rent Arrears

Article contributed by Jenny Standfast   Effect of the coronavirus pandemic on a commercial tenant's obligation to pay rent    The joined appeals of Bank of New York Mellon (International) Limited v Cine-UK Limited and London Trocadero (2015) LLP v Picturehouse...

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Now It’s Seller Beware!

Article contributed by Robert Kelly   Seller’s Duty to Disclose Title Defects    While “Caveat Emptor” is one of the few Latin phrases that both lawyers and their clients may be aware of, the recent case of SPS Groundworks & Building Ltd-v-Mahil [2022]...

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