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BUILDING SAFETY ACT 2022, 1st edition

Building Safety Act 2022, A guide for property lawyers, 1st edition. General editors: Andrew Butler KC and Ian Quayle Published by: The Law Society Publication: March 2024

The Building Safety Act 2022 is an important and complex new piece of legislation which is causing confusion for conveyancers and other property professionals. Written by a team of practising barristers from Tanfield Chambers specialising in residential and commercial property work, this book provides a practical guide to the Act and focuses on key issues for property lawyers, including:

  • The impact of the Act on the recoverability of service charges
  • Use of the Landlord Certificate and Leaseholder Deed of Certificate
  • The role and relevance of Accountable Persons and Principal Accountable Persons
  • Remediation Orders and Remediation Contribution Orders
  • Building Liability Orders
  • Amendments to the Building Act 1984 and Defective Premises Act 1972 (including the extension of limitation periods)
  • Liability in relation to construction products
  • Applications to the First-Tier Tribunal under the Act

Containing two chapters written by qualified conveyancer and well-known legal trainer Ian Quayle, it covers all aspects of the Act, with a particular focus on the implications for purchasers, leaseholders, landlords and managing agents, tenants, property developers, and those advising them. It takes a practical, straightforward approach to explaining the complex issues arising from the Act.

Publication contents Introduction Overview of Part 3 Building safety risks High-risk buildings Who is an ‘accountable person’? Duties of accountable persons Duties of residents Enforcement Part 5 and the Schedule 8 Exceptions The landlord’s certificate Leaseholder deed of certificate Section 112 and the new LTA 1985, s.30D Service Charges in respect of Remediation Works Remediation orders and remediation contribution orders Building liability orders and information orders Architects Construction product claims Liability of associated persons and personal criminal liability Transactional issues for residential conveyancers: acting for the seller Acting for the buyer in residential conveyancing transactions Courts and tribunals The Building Safety Act in Wales The book is available for pre-order online here.