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Lost or Missing Title Deeds

Article contributed by Tom Warrender   What Can I Do Where There Are Lost or Missing Title Deeds?    In his inaugural contribution to Property Law UK, Tom Warrender delves into the actions individuals can take in cases of lost or missing title deeds.   The...

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Shill Properties Ltd v Bunch

Ian Quayle reviews a peculiar case involving a buyer who advised that it was a cash buyer when this was not the case and a solicitor who purported to exchange without possessing a signed contract.   Case name, reference and Bailii link     Shill Properties Ltd v...

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Article contributed by Zoe Upson, Property Legal Trainer   The ongoing debate about what are and are not protocol enquiries is ever raging yet there is no firm guidance for conveyancers on this point. Some firms will raise enquiries about everything still, in...

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Climate Change Guidance

Article contributed by Ian Quayle   The Law Society of England and Wales have produced the long-awaited Climate Change Guidance on the 19.4.23 with a promise to produce sector-specific guidance later.     Whilst the guidance is useful from the perspective of providing...

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