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Anti-Social Behaviour

These pages contains material dealing with various topics relating to anti-social behaviour. Click on the relevant topic in the contents section on the left.

Injunctions under 1996 Act

This page deals with the following matters: "Housing related conduct". The wording of the order. Without notice injunctions under the 1996 Act. Housing-related conduct Swindon v Redpath [2009] EWCA Civ 943 Summary This case considered the meaning of "housing-related...

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Possession orders

This page deals with a number of matters that are relevant to claims for possession based upon anti-social behaviour: Adjourning the claim on an undertaking. Ground 14. The use of hearsay evidence in possession claims. Suspended or outright possession order - what...

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Hearsay evidence Length of sentence Wear Valley District Council v Robson [2008] EWCA Civ 1470 Summary Hearsay evidence is admissible on an application for committal for breach of an anti-social behaviour injunction. Facts The local authority landlord sought and were...

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