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Topics this month: The Environment ACT 2021 – Why bother now? - Tom Graham Mortgages - Arthistory Ltd v Campbell [2022] EWHC 848 (Ch) - Nigel Clayton Statutory Declarations and Certificates of Lawfulness - Tom Graham Key questions concerning the new CQS scheme - Tracy...

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Topics this month: Data, Digital and Technology, Tom Backhouse Is the Climate Report just another search? Ian Quayle Mortgages - Nigel Clayton Business Lease Renewal – Sarah Thompson-Copsey Property Transactions – Peta Dollar Landlord and Tenant: General – Sarah...

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Topics this month: Business Lease Renewal Landlord and Tenant Mortgages Property Litigation Property Transactions Shared Ownership Boundaries Planning To download the March update, click here: PLUK Mar 2022 For the plain text version, click here: Plain Text March 2022...

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Topics this month: Service Charges and Property Management Business Lease Renewal Mortgage Possession Property Litigation Residential Landlord and Tenant Limitation Periods Estate Rent Charges Land Registration To download the February update, click here: PLUK Feb...

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Topics this month: Mortgage Possession Claims Illegality and Mortgage Fraud S 36 of the Administration of Justice Act 1970 Annexation - Bath Rugby Ltd Ground Rents Building Safety Dealing with Additional Enquiries Introducer or Intermediary? Demise To download the...

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